This overview will be updated as needed. This overview is “dry” and only covers our Optimum Theory unified equation. For a detailed, common sense and intuitive understanding of these concepts plus abiogenesis, AGI, everything in-between & more, please refer to our video-course. 

     Here you can see a simple computational "automaton" (in 2d space) that represents the Optimum Theory model: 

     The unit circle represents the distance light travels in 1 unit of time. When calculated, each cell contains a real-number magnitute. Cells within the unit

circle average their real-number magnitudes simultaneously and symmetrically, each time-step, with every other cell in the unit circle, divided by Pi, therefore conserving 

the total magnitude of the grid. The local universe of the grid is "space" and the magnitudes are "energy", therefore the Universe = Energy / Space (U = E / S). Einstein’s equations and others can be derived from our equation - and we have. Furthermore, illustrating the grid so that magnitude represents the size of each cell results in Einstein’s classic warped spacetime.    

     All 4 fundamental forces of physics have been derived from our Optimum Theory equation. You can even see the forces by applying a heat map to the magnitudes and a vector arrow in each cell that points based on the direction of change, as seen below. Everything seen below is emergent & unaltered from our equation.

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