Welcome to the Optimum Institute! 

     Welcome to the OI! My name is Gary and I am the founder & first director of the Optimum Institute for Advanced Study. In public school I go by my last name; here at the Optimum Institute, after school hours, I go by my first name. Makes sense, right?

     I founded the Optimum Institute after watching a TED Talk that encouraged the development of new academic models; in particular the OI is a place to discuss & study ideas that are either too advanced or generally not explored in traditional Common Core classrooms: ideas like cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and even philosophy, comedy, hip-hop and pop culture. I am particularly proud that, to my knowledge, we are the first to simulate the 4 forces for physics from 1 equation.  

     The OI is a new academic institute and is not publicly or privately funded and so we do have a membership fee which is used to advance our study; we offer free scholarships when warranted.

     OI is new & small and that can make us a little scrappy, but I am proud that in our short couple years of existence our work has been called "very cool" by Dr. Stephen Wolfram; we are followed by celebrated intellectual heavy weights such as Dr. Drew; we have been retweeted by futurists such as Andrew Yang, and have over 60,000 members and followers included NASA & FAANG engineers and historic colleges such as Goddard. I cannot help but think the OI is just getting started. 

     The OI offers only one course: The Optimum Theory of Life, the Universe & Everything. True to its name our course is a first principles exploration of all material reality from first principles physics, to biological systems, to socioeconomic systems and even art, culture and technology and everything in-between (and more!). Our theories and models are not perfect (and probably never will be), but we try and be "less wrong" day by day. Our work at OI is all about developing predictive, quantifiable and mathematical models of, well, life the universe & everything!

     We do not grant degrees, certificates or credits, but if you are interested in joining a community of academic minded explorers, pioneers and yes, optimists, then we hope that you join us!