Frequently Asked Questions. 

QUESTION: What is the Optimum Institute for Advanced Study?

ANSWER: We are a modern, online academic institute founded by United States public school teachers at the urging of a TED Talk calling for the development of new academic models; specifically, we are an online "institute for advance study" dedicated to exploring, discussing and debating ideas prior to their inclusion (or exclusion) to common curriculum. Our members have been called "the first to simulate the 4 fundamental forces of physics from 1 equation and first to present a credible solution to abiogenesis and the hard problem of consciousness". Our institute is designed to generate discussion so don't be surprised to see our study being discussed on your social network, or forum, of choice; we are particularly popular on TikTok where our institute's community has over 60,000 members. Our institute was founded in 2018 but was not "version 1.0" until July of 2021. 

QUESTION: Who Likes, and / or Follows Optimum Institute? 

ANSWER: Our Institute & members have received over 1 million Likes and, or Follows across social media, including by arguably the world's most successful living academic Dr. Stephen Wolfram, Dr. David "Dr. Drew" Pinsky, futurist & Humanity Forward founder Andrew Yang, TED presenters, NASA engineers, FAANG project leaders, public education Teachers of the Year, Super Bowl Champion NFL trainers, and by educational institutes such as Steve "Waz" Woznick's WozU, Goddard College, Eton College & FreeThink's Future Explored.

QUESTION: Does everyone agree with the ideas presented at Optimum Institute? 

ANSWER: No, and agreement is never required at Optimum Institute. Our study is designed to inspire conversation, discussion and even debate at Optimum Institute and elsewhere.


QUESTION: Why does Optimum Institute cost money?


ANSWER: All education institutes, and even public forums, cost money whether that money comes from advertising, data farming, taxes, tuition or elsewhere. We do not sell data, are not publicly funded, and are not supported by advertising. Our direct income model ensures our only obligation is to our members.   


QUESTION: How do I become a member at Optimum Institute? 

ANSWER: Members must be 18-years or older, unless they have parent or guardian permission, other than that schedule a time to Zoom video-chat with our director, Gary "the Optimist". After the video-chat you will be given a link to our private forum and research including our 2+ hour "video-textbook" compiling our member's work, The Optimum Theory of Everything. You will be invited to Zoom video-chat again with Gary after reviewing our research. Membership is good for life.  

QUESTION: Do I have to be advanced to join Optimum Institute?

ANSWER: No. Advanced in this context simply means that we study ideas before they become a part of mainstream and common curriculum.

QUESTION: Can you tell me about your 2-hour "video-textbook" The Optimum Theory of Everything?

ANSWER: The "theory of everything" is an educational concept that dates back to at least Plato but more recently was popularized by Albert Einstein who made the theory of everything the primary focus of his study. Designed to inspire discussion and even debate, The Optimum Theory of Everything is a scientific, theory-based exploration of all material reality including unified physics, abiogenesis, consciousnesses, social and economic systems, advanced technologies, the potential futures of humanity and everything in between. The theory is compiled to the best of our ability, but being science may be wrong in part or total and is revised with better information as needed. Agreement with The Optimum Theory of Everything is never required to maintain membership at Optimum Institute. 

QUESTION: Is the Optimum Institute a degree granting institute? 

ANSWER: No. However, members who complete our program by Zoom video-chatting with our director twice, and understanding (but not necessarily agreeing with) the Optimum Theory of Everything become Certified Optimists of the Optimum Institute for Advanced Study complete with certificate. We are the only academic institute that certifies optimists - it's just a fun certification that gives us an excuse to discuss science. 

QUESTION: Has The Optimum Theory of Everything been published as a paper in any academic journals?

ANSWER: Charles Darwin did not publish exclusively for the academic community and neither does Optimum Institute. As of 7/1/21 The Optimum Theory of Everything has been reviewed on various platforms over 5 million times and has generated over 100,000 comments from professors, students, STEM professionals, NASA engineers, FAANG professionals, and everyday people. The Optimum Theory of Everything has been called "really cool" by Dr. Stephen Wolfram who is arguably the most successful living academic, and the theory's first principles are now the foundation for the world's fastest computer chip, the Cerebras Engine, which is deployed at the U.S. Department of Energy for modeling of fundamental physics and artificial intelligence. 

QUESTION: Has The Optimum Theory of Everything made any predictions that have come true?

ANSWER: Yes. For example, The Optimum Theory of Everything predicted that dark matter is a "fluid" nearly a year before it became widely accepted by the PENN State Physics department and other reputed institutes. The Optimum Theory of Everything predicted infinite particle rebirth and decay nearly a year before it was experimentally discovered by another institute and Universal smoothness nearly 2 years before its discovery. The Optimum Theory of Everything predicted the "unexpected results" of this Muon experiment that made national news, 3 years prior.  The Optimum Theory of Everything's computational processor (first presented in 2018 and reviewed that year by over one million people in the sciences) is fundamentally identical to the Cerebras Engine currently the fastest computer processor on Earth which was first announced and presented in 2020. 

QUESTION: What does your logo represent?

ANSWER: It is the "capstone" of a Wolfram Sierpiński automaton, and our logo has been Liked by Dr. Stephen Wolfram himself :-) The logo was chosen for its aesthetics, and because of its relation to one of the focuses of our study: emergent complexity. 

QUESTION: Why do you call your members Optimists? 

ANSWER: Academic institutes generally have a name for their members (Trojans, Fellows, Wild Cats, etc...), Optimists is just a catchy name that fits the theme of our institute. 

QUESTION: What if I have more questions?

ANSWER: Contact us using the contact tool below or by email.