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The Optimum Institute: 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

QUESTION: Does Optimum Theory contradict the widely held assertions of contemporary science? For example, does the program teach that "Einstein was wrong" or that "The Earth is flat", etc...? 

ANSWER: No. There is nothing in our program that contradicts the widely held assertions of contemporary science, it simply goes further and deeper than any one program, ever.  

QUESTION: Optimum Theory makes some amazing claims. Is it really true?

ANSWER: Nothing can be 100% proven true in science. Optimum Theory may be wrong in part or total. 

QUESTION: Why is The Optimum Institute interested in unified science?

ANSWER: A better understanding of science is needed for our species to solve the most pressing challenges of our time: finding cures to cancers and diseases, developing technology to improve humanity, the list of uses is endless.   

QUESTION: Why does The Optimum Institute have only one program, Optimum Theory: The Theory of Everything?

ANSWER: We identify as a modern "Platonic academy", as in Plato. Our focus is on a single, unified, quantitative, first-principles "philosophy" of everything.


QUESTION: If you consider your program to be a philosophy, would that make the name of your philosophy optimism and make its followers optimists? 


ANSWER: That has a nice ring to it!  

QUESTION: Is Optimum Theory "18-years and older" because the course is "raunchy", "obscene" or "controversial"?  

ANSWER: No. Optimum Theory is wholesome, and devoid of any obscene content and language; however, our program is advanced and people should receive a traditional education before approaching the material contained in it.

QUESTION: Who developed Optimum Theory


ANSWER: Optimum Theory was developed by a wide ranging team of professional, certified educators & researchers in good standing. Our unified equation was developed by Gary Lebby who has a background in math, science and technology education. 

QUESTION: Does everyone agree with Optimum Theory?

ANSWER: No. You will have difficulty finding any scientific theory that everyone agrees with.  

QUESTION: Has Optimum Theory  been peer reviewed?

ANSWER: Yes. We dedicated nearly 1 year to peer review, generating approximately 10,000 comments, criticisms and suggestions from hundreds of voices in the sciences from professors to students.  

QUESTION: Do I have to agree with Optimum Theory to be a member of The Optimum Institute? 



QUESTION: Do I have to agree with Optimum Theory to earn my Letter of Recommendation from Gary Lebby, the lead researcher at The Optimum Institute? 

ANSWER: No. To earn your unique and hand-typed Letter of Recommendation from The Optimum Institute's lead teacher, Gary Lebby, you simply need to participate in a "face-to-face" with Gary and show that you understand Optimum Theory, but agreement with the theory is not needed - only understanding. Gary will write a letter that reflects your level of understanding. Face-to-faces are conducted online, and it is up to our members to schedule them by contacting us.  


QUESTION: Can I earn transferable credits from The Optimum Institute?


ANSWER: Not at this time. 

QUESTION: If Optimum Theory is true, does it mark the end of scientific research, experimentation and, or study?


ANSWER: No. The questions remaining in the Universe will now and forever remain infinite.  

QUESTION: Has Optimum Theory made any predictions that have come true?

ANSWER: Yes. For example, we predicted that dark matter is a fluid nearly a year before it became widely accepted by the PENN State Physics department and other reputed institutes. we also predicted infinite particle rebirth and decay nearly a year before it was experimentally discovered by another institute. 

QUESTION: Why does The Optimum Institute use trademarks? 

ANSWER: The Optimum Institute is a modern education institute and has modern methods. A trademark allows us to use modern legal methods to best prevent stealing, distorting and corrupting of our program. 

QUESTION: What does the logo for Optimum Theory represent? 

ANSWER: It's a mathematical fractal called a Sierpiński Triangle "grown" using a computational tool called a cellular automaton.

QUESTION: What if I have more questions?

ANSWER: Contact us.