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The Optimum Institute: 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

QUESTION: Does Optimum Theory contradict the widely held assertions of contemporary science? For example, does the program teach that "Einstein was wrong" or that "The Earth is flat", etc...? 

ANSWER: No. There is nothing in our program that contradicts the widely held assertions of contemporary science, it simply goes further and deeper than any one program, ever.  

QUESTION: Optimum Theory makes some amazing claims. Is it really true?

ANSWER: Nothing can be 100% proven true in science. Optimum Theory may be wrong in part or total. 

QUESTION: Why is The Optimum Institute interested in unified science?

ANSWER: A better understanding of science is needed for our species to solve the most pressing challenges of our time: finding cures to cancers and diseases, developing technology to improve humanity, the list of uses is endless.   

QUESTION: Why does The Optimum Institute have only one program, Optimum Theory: The Theory of Everything?

ANSWER: We identify as a modern "Platonic academy", as in Plato. Like Plato, who invented the concept of academics, our focus is on a single, unified, quantitative, first-principles "philosophy" of everything. Plato saw education, ethics, athletics and the arts as being intertwined, all necessarily to being a well rounded person. At Plato's Academy there was no supreme human authority or objective truth - not even himself - only discussion toward greater understanding and a never-ending process of improvement.  


QUESTION: If you consider your program to be a philosophy, would that make the name of your philosophy Optimism and make its followers Optimists? 


ANSWER: That has a nice ring to it! ;-) 


QUESTION: Is Optimum Theory "18-years and older" because the program is "raunchy", "obscene" or "controversial"?  

ANSWER: No. Optimum Theory is wholesome, and devoid of any obscene content and language; however, our program is advanced and people should receive a traditional education before approaching the material contained in it.

QUESTION: Who developed Optimum Theory


ANSWER: Optimum Theory was developed by a wide ranging team of professional, certified educators & researchers in good standing. 

QUESTION: Does everyone agree with Optimum Theory?

ANSWER: No. You will have difficulty finding any scientific theory that everyone agrees with, and that's okay!  

QUESTION: Has Optimum Theory been peer reviewed?

ANSWER: Yes. We dedicated nearly 1 year to peer review, generating approximately 10,000 comments, criticisms and suggestions from hundreds of voices in the sciences from professors to students.  

QUESTION: Do I have to agree with Optimum Theory to be a member of The Optimum Institute? 



QUESTION: If Optimum Theory is true, does it mark the end of scientific research, experimentation and, or study?


ANSWER: No. The questions remaining in the Universe will now and forever remain infinite.  

QUESTION: Has Optimum Theory made any predictions that have come true?

ANSWER: Yes. For example, we predicted that dark matter is a fluid nearly a year before it became widely accepted by the PENN State Physics department and other reputed institutes. we also predicted infinite particle rebirth and decay nearly a year before it was experimentally discovered by another institute. 

QUESTION: Why does The Optimum Institute use trademarks? 

ANSWER: The Optimum Institute is a modern education institute and has modern methods. A trademark allows us to use modern legal methods to best prevent stealing, distorting and corrupting of our program. 

QUESTION: What does the logo for Optimum Theory represent? 

ANSWER: It is a cross-section of an infinite mathematical fractal called a Sierpiński Triangle "grown" using a computational tool called a cellular automaton. We developed this logo because of its allusions to infinite personal growth, because its upward arrow subsumes the contained downward arrow (aka, optimism), and because of its trinity of "pluses" (again, the positive symbol representing optimism) which represent our institute's 3-pointed mission of "Happiness, Health & Understanding". 


QUESTION: Why the name "Optimum"?


ANSWER: It's short for "Optimization Theory" which is the more official name for our unified theory. Also, "Optimum" has cool allusions to "Optimism", "Optimists" & "Optimal" :-) 


QUESTION: What if I have more questions?

ANSWER: Contact us.