The Optimum Institute for Advanced Study is the modern, online, educational institute modeled after Albert Einstein's Institute for Advanced Study.  

     We offer a single, online, 2-hour video-course that is updated annually, Optimum Theory: The Theory of Everything.  

     After watching our video-course, you may video chat with our research team to talk, discuss and to prove understanding of the material. If you can prove that you understand Optimum Theory (agreement is not required, only understanding), you will be designated an official "Optimists" and invited to our private forum where we develop next year's edition in real-time, and you are welcome to contribute. Furthermore, Optimists are encouraged to share their own personal projects in our forum, and contribute to the projects of others. 


Our program is copyrighted for educational use only and cannot leave our website. Optimum Center™ Optimum Institute™, Optimum Academy™, Optimum Fitsports™ and Optimum Theory™ are trademark of Optimum™. Hi Daryl 9.19!