Life, the Universe & Everything.

    Founded by public school teachers, Liked by Dr. Stephen Wolfram and called "the first to complete Albert Einstein's work by unifying physics and the first to present a credible theory of abiogenesis and solution to the hard problem of consciousness", Optimum Institute is an online education institute dedicated to exploring advanced ideas prior to their inclusion in common curriculum. We offer a single, 1-week course conducted through video-chat and online video presentation called The Optimum Theory of Everything which covers theories of unified physics, abiogenesis, general intelligence systems, socio-economic systems, and everything in between. Our study is designed to inspire discussion, and even debate, at Optimum Institute and elsewhere.

     Our institute & members have been liked & or followed by over 1 million people including by Dr. Stephen Wolfram, NASA and FAANG engineers, public school Teachers of the Year, futurist Andrew Yang, Dr. David "Dr. Drew" Pinsky and numerous colleges, universities and professors.